A small collection of substandard juarez

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OK Smartie 2: Electro Breakaloo (73.7 MB)
Some electro-sounding shenanigans and breaks featuring possibly the least-convincing exclamation of support for a football team ever.

Thinkin' 'bout them heifers - Part 1 (69 MB)
First half of a two-hour summer mix. Plenty of hip hop, a little disco and a smidgin of RAWK.

Xmas Mix 2004 (41.9 MB)
A blend of funky xmas-themed tunes ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.

The Space Mix (57.9 MB)
Shamefully cheesy sci-fi-themed mix featuring bits and pieces plundered from the Nasa archives and the Ames Research Centre.

Wogy Smokes Vanguards (70.5 MB)
Another 80s mix to use up the tracks left over from I never asked your sister out. Named after a piece of classroom graffiti referring to one of my brother's old teachers, Mr Wocha.

Only if she's 5' 3" (56.5 MB)
A bunch of early nineties tracks, with a fairly high cheese factor. Seems popular with the nostalgic ...

I never asked your sister out (67.2 MB)
I've been playing far too much Vice City and it shows in this 80s collection.

I'm a cop, you idiot! (59.7 MB)
Funk, disco and hip-hop. Apologies to Soulwax, that guy who did the Frank Butcher / Eminem tune and the original Kindergarten Cop pranksters.

Turbo Groove Disc Brakes (55.8 MB)
This one's named after a sign I saw outside a tyre and brake centre on Manchester Road in Huddersfield. There's *gasp* some swearing in it!.

OK smartie, go to a party (67.5 MB)
I knocked this together for the bonfire party in 2002.

Bootlegs / Mashups / Bastard Pop / Whatever

Hooked on Hollaback (Cerrone vs Gwen Stefani) (5.2 MB)

Intergalactic Disco Wars (The Beastie Boys vs Meco Monardo) (4 MB)

You got the vineleaf (Candi Staton vs. William Orbit) (6.2 MB)

Just be good to eple (Royksopp vs. Beats International) (3.7 MB)

Re-wish (Skeelo vs. King Hannibal) (3.1 MB)

Without Evel (Eminem vs. Ceasefire vs. Deadly Avenger) (7.3 MB)

Last FM stuff

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