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January 29, 2009

TDR wiped out


Posted by Jonah at 9:15 AM

January 21, 2009

What's occurring, Barry?

So, Barack Hussein Obama is now the President otf the US and we are finally rid of Bush, who has to go down as the worst President at least since Buchannan, in my book.

There's a lot of hope riding on the Obama Presidency and a lot of very heightened expectations. Looking at the state of America at the moment, however, he's really got his work cut out for him. At the monet the USA is like a sports car that has been hired by some drunk cokehead fratboy and has been ragged to fuck all over the place as he tried to impress his moronic and snickering peers. It's still a powerful machine but it's battered and ill-used and needs some serious TLC to restore it to its former glories.

I'll be happy if Obama only delivers on a part of the hopes placed in him, namely to bring the US back into the family of civilised nations that respect the rule of law and don't engage in torture. A nation which tries to solve problems with its not inconsiderable brains first, rather than immediately reaching for the shock and awe. Oh, and America, if you really are heading into a depression then believe me, universal healthcare is something you want to get sorted ASAP, 'cos your current system is frankly third world.

Good luck Barry. You're going to need it.

UPDATE: Result!

Posted by Jonah at 11:02 AM