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November 26, 2008

Suspension of disbelief: ur doin it wrong

So, via this Questionable Content strip, I have become aware of the Viking Time-travel series of romance novels. Yes, there really is a series of books based around a century-hopping norseman who becomes a US Navy SEAL.

What really baked my noodle, however, was the first review of this book on the Barnes and Noble site (review titled "Didn't care for this one"). Excerpt:

How attractive could these women be? They didn't bathe regularly, their clothes weren't particularly clean, they worked with sheep and I'm assuming they didn't shave their legs or their armpits. It's hard to believe not just one, but five 21st century men would want to be in very close quarters with them. It looks like the next book will be more of the same so I'll pass.

So you've got no problem with the time-travelling navy SEAL Viking bit, but you have difficulty believing that a bloke could fancy a lass with hairy armpits? Now that's quality nitpicking!

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November 22, 2008

A dating site for those looking for a partner with brains

I think some of you might benefit from signing up on this site. Whether you like walking to remote houses in the countryside, visiting the mall or meeting with like minded folk for a bite, this site's for you.

Walk, don't run!

(via Doomlord)

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November 11, 2008

But where's Joe the Krumper?

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November 10, 2008

Blessed are the peacemakers ...

Wow, some of those monks were really going for it!

Fighting erupted between Greek Orthodox and Armenian monks at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the traditional site of Christ's crucifixion.

Two monks from each side were detained as dozens of worshippers traded kicks and punches at the shrine, said police.

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November 5, 2008

Shama slaps soupcatcher

Coo, anyone know where I can see this on the intertubes? I'd REALLY like to see it.

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This is not a time for soundbites, but ...

I didn't dare let myself hope and I'm so happy to be wrong. (Although if he'd lost, I was going to suggest him for the new Doctor Who).

UPDATE: Oh dear, I hadn't thought of this possibility for the new Doctor Who ... *shudder*

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November 4, 2008

This Fucking Election

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