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Ideal for use with Guitar Hero

February 18, 2008

Via Rockmanrock, I ran across this "Make your own album cover" meme (I'm a little late to the party, I see).

  1. Go to the Wikipedia random article generator and note the title of the randomly selected article. This is your band name.
  2. Similarly, go to this random quotation page and note the last four words of the last quotation. This is your album title.
  3. Now to Flickr’s interesting photos feature. Download (or screengrab if necessary) the third picture. This is your album cover picture.
  4. Now put the whole lot together in the photo/graphics application of your choice. Populate your imaginary music business with exciting acts!

Here's mine:

Dhanmondi Thana: Break and visit yourself

Well, I thought that the loldog-esque image thrown up by Flickr for the above was less than inspiring compared to Clive's, and then I saw the combination that my brother got:

Xan Winsdor: More Layers of Beaureacracy

Posted by Jonah at February 18, 2008 12:31 PM