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July 31, 2007


As written by Charles Bukowski

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Pramface Mansion

No, it's not from TV Go Home, it's an actual reality show commissioned by BBC3 (search for "next big factual").

UPDATE: Of course, it's that there Meeja Grauniad which inexplicably requires you to register before you can look at it (thanks for the reminder, Clive), so here's the relevant snippet for those of you who quite rightly cannot be arsed:

Building on the success of Baby Borrowers, the channel's next big factual "event" will be Pramface Mansion, in which 10 single mothers and their offspring will live together for a month. "A big social experiment seeing whether living together can help them solve some of the problems in their lives," he says.

"Social Experiment": the cunt's euphemism for "Sensational voyeuristic gawp-fest".

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July 30, 2007

Alfred Hitchcock Presents ...

Ultrasound scan 4 from July 17th 2007

Ultrasound scan 3 from July 17th 2007

Ultrasound scan 1 from July 17th 2007

Ultrasound scan 2 from July 17th 2007

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The Transformers Movie

Well this is definately one for the boys, crap story really, fantastic effects. For those with kids next christmas get used to hearing can i have maximus prime (i may even buy one myself you can get an animated one with flashing lights and sounds for around 70 quid.On e bay at christmas i recon you may get a ton for it as they are bound to not make enough to create a big demand, (the usual thing at christmas to push the prices up). Anyways enough about the marketing more about the film. The story without giving too much away is disaster for the human race as giant metal robots come looking for a box that they have inadvertantly let lose on the universe low and behold as "planet earth " seems to be a large magnet for all things evil it lands here thousands of years ago passing the space ship from "the thing",on its travels and landing near where moulder and skully dug that one up you know the one buried in the ice cap three doors down from where the "thing" ship lands, the penguins must be in a permanent state of shock with all this evil falling from the skys. Back to the film, one lot of good robots land and help the earthlings defeat the bad robots who need the box thing to take over the earth, all gets confused, lots of robo fighting and once again the evil is banished and destroyed. Mixed in with this we have A marine special ops squad firing big guns at the invaders and, A teen hero (not a jock) as his rather nice teen hero girl friend discovers. So the plots not good then," no it isent, is it my love my precious,no, it is not." Dialog and characters well these wernt too bad really, at times there were some good one liners and the characters were funny. Over all not bad, worth the money paid to get in and if you have kids, one which will keep them quiet on a rainy day during the holidays so worth a shout on dvd too when it comes out, just before christmas. Bye the way anyone going to this with children beware not to buy them too much coke as the film is overly long and will involve too many trips to the loo to be enjoyerble.

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July 24, 2007

Quote of the month

From the excellent Steven Moffat (writer of the Empty Child and Blink episodes, amongst others):

I know that there's tremendous anxiety among Doctor Who fans about the future of Doctor Who. Here's an answer that people should listen to. No broadcaster lets go of a show like Doctor Who. They'd have to be out of their fucking minds.


‘Doctor Who’ is completely safe. It's not in great danger. It's been the center of British culture since Kennedy was shot. I mean, it's not going away. Look, they turned it to shit and took it off for 15 years, and that didn't kill it. I mean, what's going to kill it now? Success?

(Catherine Fucking Tate?)

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July 22, 2007

greeky on a steeky weeky

At Lords, watching India vs Blighty, and 2 wickets have gone in the 30 minutes since I took my seat.

Hi ho.

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July 12, 2007

Oasis is going right in that spam filter along with v14gra

So, according to my MT activity logs, it appears that Oasis (or their representatives) are promoting "Stop the Clocks" by comment spamming. Fuck Oasis. Fuck them in their inflamed, coke-raddled sinuses.

They're creatively bankrupt and have been trotting out the same old sub-Beatles shite for nearly two decades now. Compare their stunted musical evolution with the innovative and fascinating career of Damon Albarn, their main mid-nineties britpop rival. (A Monkey opera - yay!) You're treading water, boys, and have been your entire career.

Go suck a dead dog's dick you bunch of mop-topped charlie-huffing shitehawks.

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July 11, 2007

Human Pixels

Now this is an impressive feat of organisation and choreography:

Ta Mike!

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July 10, 2007

Comedy voiceover?

Ia it just me or does the voiceover for this reuters piece about an 11-year-old drink driver sound like a piss-take perpetrated by some random b3tard?

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July 6, 2007

Now I'm Hopping mad

This is more like it, he'd be great fun to see in Doctor Who. But wait a second, what's this?

Although there are no plans to make any more series, the show will return as a number of specials, scattered throughout the year after screening of the fourth series ends in 2008.

I think I'll just have to airily dismiss that as ill-informed speculation. (Please let it be ill-informed speculation!)

UPDATE: Yah, boo, sucks!

iF: Who is Dennis Hopper playing on DOCTOR WHO in the next season?

GARDNER: That’s an unfounded rumor I’m afraid. He’s not going to be on the show. It was all over the place, but he’s not coming.

(via Outpost Gallifrey)

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July 4, 2007

Spare a thought for aaaal the little Daleks ...

Hrm, this makes me uneasy. You could say it ... bothers me. I have just had a horrible feeling that series four might see the Doctor defeating a race of aquatic predators by flying over them in the TARDIS.

Ah, I'm sure RTD will make it work ...

UPDATE: This is more like it.

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July 3, 2007

That's just the name of the lager, Sir.

From a telephone conversation had at work by someone I know:

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT: Hello, <organisation name> can I help you?

CALLER: Hi, I've been trying to ring my local branch on 07002300, but it's not even ringing!

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT: 070 - I'm not familiar with that number, Sir. Where did you get it from?

CALLER: It was on the door of my local branch.

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT: Ah, I- er, I think those're the opening hours of the branch Sir ...

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Word of the week

Folktronica. For fuck's sake.

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July 2, 2007

Thoughts on the season finale

Of course, I found it immensely enjoyable what with being a terribly Whovian fanboy and all, although I think that Blink was the stand-out episode for me this series. Steven Moffat sure does give good Who. But anyway, here're a few things that struck me during the episode:

  • Was it just me or did the aged homunculus Doctor look just like Dobby?
  • I'm glad they resoved the Utopia business - I thought they'd just left that plotline hanging
  • Martha's not staying on permanently? That annoys me, if only because it gives the Sun a chance to crow. Also, Freema Agyeman is hawt
  • <fanboy type="pedant">How did the prow of the Titanic bust throught the wall of the TARDIS? As I understand it, the TARDIS is nigh on impregnable.</fanboy> Hmm, maybe I should wait until I see the explanation given the Xmas special before I start squinnying.
  • I loved the little reference to the 1980 movie "Flash Gordon" at the end when the Master's ring is picked up to the sound of maniacal laughter.

All in all, good game, good game!

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