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June 27, 2007


I reacted in much the same way last Saturday (Warning: SPOILERS for Doctor Who series 3 episode "Utopia"):

I cannot WAIT to see the finale.

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June 25, 2007

English Martial Arts

vai the Doomlord

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June 19, 2007

Good Riddance ...

... to an old bigot.

Like him or loathe him there was no way of ignoring him
- Slog Onwards, UK

Oh, I dunno, I managed pretty well thanks!

Here's Manning from his self-penned obituary:

And as I look down now on all the over-paid executives who have made such a mess of television and undermined true comedy, and as I sense the affection from the mass of the British public, I know that I am the one having the last laugh.

Let's take a look at an example of "true comedy" shall we? From a 1995 police charity dinner, here's Manning addressing the only black copper in the audience:

Where is he? How are you, baby? Having a night out with nice people? Isn’t this better than swinging from the trees? – You’re black, I’m white. Do you think colour makes a difference? You bet your bollocks it does!


They used to be happy people in the cotton fields, singing their bollocks off day and night. A fella used to go around with a whip… ‘Oh, massa, give us another crack of dat whip. I love dat whip’…


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June 18, 2007

Got my number

From this Times comment piece:

For the best example of the modern hero, though, I think we need look no further than BBC One, 7.10pm, on Saturday nights. Yes Doctor Who. In the Doctor, we have a non-violent hero. He has no weapon. He has no quest. He has no god. He is simply a curious humanist travelling through space and time, marvelling at things, trying to make bad situations better, utilising cutting-edge science, rocking a good outfit, and pulling a parade of smart, hot chicks with amazing racks. Kids love him. Ladies love him. Gay men love him. Straight men have a Tardis keyfob that lights up when their phone rings.

My TARDIS keyfob

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June 13, 2007

Oh my!

Ultrasound scan of 16-week old foetus in Cresley

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June 12, 2007


If you likes you some loungecore cheese with very funny lyrics then you must get hold of "Sit Down Think" by Talc. iTunes users can grab a preview here.

That is all.

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June 11, 2007

Two-fisted Timelord

Via The Poor Man, a reminder that Doctor Who didn't always rely on mostly non-violent methods to solve his problems:

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June 2, 2007


I'm currently attending the first annual Hudstock festival. If you've ever seen Father Ted it's a bit like the Craggy Island funfair, but with cover bands doing the sex pistols.(Posted using a modified version of Meow )

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June 1, 2007


I has a doktor.

Nooooooooo! They be stealin' mah doktor!

Actually, I think that what a lot of folk have done here is confuse the departure of Russel T. Davies with the departure of the series. Understandable in a way since he's so closely identified with Doctor Who's resurrection, but the BBC would be crackers to get shot of one of their greatest success stories of recent times right at the height of its powers. Why, we haven't even seen David Tenant encounter a giant Bertie Bassett or Hale and Pace yet, so there's plenty of shark yet to jump.

Besides, just look who the original source for this story is.

"Doctor Who 45 episodes from Doooom!"

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