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March 30, 2007

Great first lines to see when entering an IRC channel

"that same midget could kick people in the balls if they failed to pay enough as well"

Thank you for brightening up my Friday, #void ...

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March 22, 2007

Two questions ...

... about some things that people seem to be well into at the moment:

1) Twitter: what exactly is the point?

2) Vox: is it just a trendy version of livejournal or what?

The answer to 1) for me is probably "None, seeing as how most of your day-to-day friends exist largely offline", but I genuinely can't see why Vox is any different from any other free hosted blogging service.

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March 14, 2007

I threw up in my mouth a little bit

The taglines on this Grauniad article makes me queasy:

PM wooed DUP leader by swapping Christian texts
Two men brought closer by 'religious love affair'

Now, I realise the religious texts in question were theological books, but the image that conjured up in my mind was of Blair and Paisley tapping away at their mobile 'phones, sending each other things like "I want to feel your hot body of Christ pressed right up against my eucharist" and "Oooh, you're getting me all ecumenical you naughty boy"!


It's not made any easier by this passage:

"Blair is brilliant at seducing Paisley," Lord Bew said. "This is the most amazing love affair, the last great Blairite romance.They are even exchanging books on religion. It is fantastic stuff. It is religious; it is romantic. It is brilliant. You have to hand it to him. Once again, when we thought the old maestro was fading, his capacity to seduce, politically speaking, is phenomenal."


And here's the photo accompanying this article:

Ian Paisley looking sore

No comment on his expression is really necessary there, is it?

On a more serious note, does anyone else find it a bit worrying that the apparently profoundly religious man who makes decisions for this country is consuming religious reading matter selected by Ian Fecking Paisley?

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