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Thoughts on the season finale

July 2, 2007

Of course, I found it immensely enjoyable what with being a terribly Whovian fanboy and all, although I think that Blink was the stand-out episode for me this series. Steven Moffat sure does give good Who. But anyway, here're a few things that struck me during the episode:

  • Was it just me or did the aged homunculus Doctor look just like Dobby?
  • I'm glad they resoved the Utopia business - I thought they'd just left that plotline hanging
  • Martha's not staying on permanently? That annoys me, if only because it gives the Sun a chance to crow. Also, Freema Agyeman is hawt
  • <fanboy type="pedant">How did the prow of the Titanic bust throught the wall of the TARDIS? As I understand it, the TARDIS is nigh on impregnable.</fanboy> Hmm, maybe I should wait until I see the explanation given the Xmas special before I start squinnying.
  • I loved the little reference to the 1980 movie "Flash Gordon" at the end when the Master's ring is picked up to the sound of maniacal laughter.

All in all, good game, good game!

Posted by Jonah at July 2, 2007 8:29 AM