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Now I'm Hopping mad

July 6, 2007

This is more like it, he'd be great fun to see in Doctor Who. But wait a second, what's this?

Although there are no plans to make any more series, the show will return as a number of specials, scattered throughout the year after screening of the fourth series ends in 2008.

I think I'll just have to airily dismiss that as ill-informed speculation. (Please let it be ill-informed speculation!)

UPDATE: Yah, boo, sucks!

iF: Who is Dennis Hopper playing on DOCTOR WHO in the next season?

GARDNER: That’s an unfounded rumor I’m afraid. He’s not going to be on the show. It was all over the place, but he’s not coming.

(via Outpost Gallifrey)

Posted by Jonah at July 6, 2007 8:28 AM