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That Mitchell and Webb Ad

January 31, 2007

So, Apple have put out some UK-centric "I'm a PC - I'm a Mac" ads starring Mitchell and Webb.

They don't work, do they? And it's because of Robert Webb.

OK, ok, it's not because Robert Webb's doing his job wrong, it's because of the existing, established dynamic between Mitchell and Webb and how it doesn't work for this purpose.

Now, David Mitchell's usual schtick works just fine for PC - he's an earnest square just like his character in Peep Show, so that plays to our expectations.

The trouble with that is that since we've been primed for the Mitchell and Webb Peep Show Double-Act TM, we expect Webb to play his part, i.e. obnoxious, selfish, sarky twat. Trouble is, for the purposes of advertising, Apple need the Mac character to be likeable, so Webb doesn't get to rip into Mitchell in the same way he would in the duo's comedy work. As a result, our expectations are confounded and Mac comes across as simply lame.


Well, while I was faffing about over the weekend, pouring half a bottle of wine into my laptop, Charlie Brooker's put something up about the new Mac ads here.

Posted by Jonah at January 31, 2007 11:28 AM