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October 30, 2006

Above and beyond the call of mashedness

Jeepers: people are snorting vodka! That's showing some real dedication to getting trolleyed. It reminds me of that Coquila Snopper fad that was in the news a bit back (hmmm, can't find a cite, snopes job perhaps). That looked potentially fatal:

  • snorting a line of coke
  • licking up some salt
  • snorting up a pinch of snuff(!)
  • knocking back a shot of tequila
  • taking a big whiff of poppers (ew)
  • sucking on some citrus fruit

That's three up the nose and three down the gullet, unless people start SNORTING THE BLOODY TEQUILA. Gawd, you'd have to have a real self-destructive streak to do that shit.

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October 25, 2006

The Mail and Muslims

I was quite suprised to read an op-ed piece in the Daily Mail defending muslims from the rhetorical predations of New Labour (via) because being friendly to minorities isn't really the usual Mail/Tory modus operandi.

Of course, it's just part of the new Tory strategy of attcking Labour from its left with a progressive-seeming face. Your standard Cameron bit, y'know? But just have a read of the reader comments in order to be reminded what the Mail-reading right is really all about:

Actually, most people aren't too bothered if this outbreak of commonsense speech is all down to political manouvering, we are just glad that at last some influential politicians are reflecting what the vast majority of native British people actually think.
I strongly agree that Labour are using this to win votes but the question remains that if feelings are so strong amongst the public that this could become a vote winner then shouldn't all parties be addressing this issue on behalf of the gagged majority?
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The joy of pix

Heh, I love the installation instructions for the newly-released Firefox 2 on the Mac:

Drag Firefox to your Applications folder, as expressed in pictograms
If you haven't already, go on: you know you want to.

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October 23, 2006

Insult to injury

I don't normally do politics on this thing because there are people out there doing it a whole lot better than I could ever manage, but I just wanted to highlight this passage from a Grauniad article on Iraq:

The Bush administration was reported yesterday to be drafting an urgent plan to pressure the Iraqi government into dealing with increasing violence in the country.
If Iraq fails to meet crucial milestones, then US officials hold open the possibility of sanctions

Now, is it just me or, given the circumstances, is that not a bit rich?

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October 20, 2006

Palindrome Song

Three cheers for Wierd Al Yankovic!

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October 18, 2006

Future warnings

Heh heh, I rather like these warning signs for tomorrow. I think these two are my favourites:

Lack of Internet Connectivity Memetic Hazard

Via the Yorkshire Ranter

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