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January 20, 2006

Barrymore Butt-plug shows seal

I just got forwarded one of those old Michael Barrymore virals that are doing the rounds again now that he's on Big Brother and I noticed something strange. Look closely at the butt-plug - is that the United States Presidential Seal on it?

Barrymore email joke jpeg
Barrymore email joke jpeg detail
The Presidential Seal of the USA
Posted by Jonah at 3:21 PM

Seperated at birth

Is it just me or dos Ruth Kelly look just like Nick Hancock?

Nick Hancock
Ruth Kelly
Nick Hancock
Ruth Kelly
Nick Hancock
Ruth Kelly

How many lightweight comedy panel show hosts have been allowed to work with our vulnerable ministers and civil servants? WE MUST BE TOLD!

Posted by Jonah at 11:50 AM

January 10, 2006

Politicians eh?!

George Galloway will probably get more votes for this than he did in the general election........

Posted by eelz at 1:27 PM