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December 19, 2005

King Kong

So, I went to see King Kong last night, and I rather enjoyed it. Sure, it's a long old bugger clocking in at about three hours, but the film is well enough paced that it seems more like two. Well, okay, Peter Jackson could have trimmed a bit of fat off in the first hour or so, before the voyage to Skull Island begins, but that's about it. I certainly don't have the same sort of problem with the length that this guy has.

The island itself is where all the fun is, with the pick of the scenes having to be the big pagga between Kong and some T-Rexes. Andy Serkis' gorilla moves are convincing and as Lumpy the cook he also gets one of the grimmest deaths I've ever seen on film (incidentally I used to go out with a girl from Preston who looked a bit like the thing that kills him).


  • The brontosauri looked like they were made of play-do and even in a film featuring a 25-foot ape I found it difficult to suspend disbelief during the stampede scene
  • Naomi Watt's completely unconvincing CGI juggling. I mean, come on, just send her so some trustafarian-infested circus school twat farm in Cornwall for a few weeks or something. Sheesh.
  • That's got to be some thick-arsed ice on that pond there.

But still, most enjoyable few hours, but make sure that you go early enough to catch last orders when you get out.

Warning: this movie contains moderate scenes of giant monkey parkour.

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December 12, 2005

Samorost Sequel

Primarily for Jan, who I remember really dug the first one, here's Samorost 2, the sequel to the gorgeous looking flash puzzle game that was doing the rounds a couple of years ago. Shit, was it really that long ago?

Looks like it's in two chapters - the second of which you have to pay a small fee for. Well worth it I'd say!

In Other News, I passed my 8th Kup Taekwon-do grading yesterday. I'm glad to finally be getting a proper belt!

Posted by Jonah at 10:53 AM

December 1, 2005


Well, look what a litle bird (well, IRC channel) showed me: A mashup album featuring Queen mixed with Fiddy Cent. Most enjoyable: they actually manage to make MC Shortbus sound good for a change!

Posted by Jonah at 7:45 PM