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October 28, 2005

Disclaimer of the week

From the always entertaining How-to of the day (as seen on the google personal homepage options) comes this little gem:

How to survive a freestyle rap battle

* "Spit" as used in the context of this article is a synonym for rapping, not the forcible expulsion of saliva from the mouth. Please do not practice the latter kind of spitting; it does not make you look nearly as cool.

Beautiful - that's made my day.

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October 27, 2005

More J***s H***n

Yes, it looks like there's another Audioshrapnel/james Hyman mix CD in the offing! W00t! Anybody who hangs out with me on any kind of regular basis will have had the Tarantino Mix played to death by now.

That reminds me, I must get that comparison/review of the other CDs up on the site soon ...

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The Yorkshire Ranter brings a fun google trick to our attention: google for a string used in a popular internet CCTV control package. Spy on the feeds of clueless or carefree CCTV operators from the comfort of your laptop!

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October 26, 2005

That's good learnin'!

Via Soul Sides (best. redirect page. EVAR.) I came across this tune teaching about the metric system by using seventies funk (and I don't mean that in the rhyming slang sense).

If I had my way this would be how every subject would be taught in schools.

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October 17, 2005

Loose Booty

So, I've uploaded "Hooked on Hollaback", the Gwen Stefani vs Cerrone thing I put in "Thinkin' 'Bout Them Heifers Part 1".

Usual authenti-schtick: juarez/d00d

UPDATE: Those are zeroes in the password there ...

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October 13, 2005

Faith Converter

While I was nosying about for OS X software I stumbled across Faith Convertor:

Found an admirable tome but it's in praise of the wrong god? Faith Converter is a godsend for priests, vicars, rabbii and holy men of all descriptions. Preach next Sunday's sermon from the Vedas, Noble Eightfold Path, Torah or Das Kapital!
The premier theological plagiarism solution for OS X, Faith Converter converts text between twenty-four different religions, encompassing Atheism, Buddhism, Christianity, Communism, Confucianism, Druidism, Hinduism, Islam, Juche, Judaism, Keynesianism, Linux, MacEvangelism, Mahanism, Maoism, NIMBYism, Roman, Scientology, Shinto, Sikh, Stalinism, Taoism, Thatcherism and Trotskyism.
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Dekstasy for OS X

Ooooh! Shiny! While looking around for a Macintosh analogue of Atomix, I ran across a few references to Dekstasy, an open-source four-track beatmatching mp3 mixer for OSX!

What a shame, it appears that it's no longer supported but the Dekstasy code's still available on sourceforge so I reckon I'll plonk it on the Mini tonight and see what sort of results I can get from it.

UPDATE: More as a bookmark for myself than anything else, here's the Dekstasy documentation. Looks pretty nifty eh? In fact, at first glance it looks like it pisses on the payware Atomix ...

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October 11, 2005

New Look

I got tired of the dull old texty thing I've had going on on this web site for the last four or so years and so I thought I'd do a little redesign. Sort of a seventies sci-fi thing a bit heavy on the brahn and orange. I'm quite pleased with how the css "sliding doors" faux-parallax thing in the top bar turned out.

Credo! Fast-forward the future!

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October 10, 2005

ARP on the Shamen

This article on the Shamen has been up on his site for donkeys years but I ran across it again when checking Ashley Pomeroy's site for new stuff. I thought I'd link it since about 4 of the five people who read these posts may well not have heard of him and, well, you know how I feel about the Shamen ...

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October 7, 2005

Frost joins Al-Azeera

I was intrigued to hear the news that Sir David Frost has joined Al-Jazeera

Perhaps he'll be the first of a number of British TV personalties to reach a new audience on the station.

Steve Penk presents hilariously saucy religious gaffes on "TV's Naughtiest Burqas"?

Posted by sam at 4:09 PM

Finnish Fan Film

I'm just in the middle of downloading this fan-made Finnish spoof of Star Trek and Babylon 5 and I thought I'd share the link.

Ah, yes, I'd be throwing the horns, too!


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October 5, 2005

Desperately Unsuitable Masturbatory Materials on TV

  1. Chucklevision
  2. Top Gear (but that doesn't stop most of its viewers)
  3. Time Team
  4. Red Dwarf
  5. The announcement that the timelines have once again merged


- this time!

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