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August 24, 2005

Xmas and Heifers

Cripes, it's nearly September 2005 and I've only just got round to putting up my Xmas mix from 2004! It's very silly.

Oh, while I'm at it, here's part one of Thinkin' 'Bout Them Heifers, a summer mix featuring the Legendary Bronco Johnny.

As ever, username: juarez, password d00d (those are zeros in "d00d"). Hmm, must get round to putting torrents up at some point.

UPDATE: Uploaded a new version of "heifers" with tweaked blends and the addition of another track in the middle.

Posted by Jonah at 9:33 AM

August 8, 2005

Lee and Herring on Ben Elton

A beautiful passage from today's Grauniad interview with Richard Herring and Stewart Lee:

"The most interesting thing about Elton in the last five years," says Lee, "is the way that he's become a despised figure. You know you have to give titles to your stand-up shows; if I was Ben Elton I'd call it Fascinating Betrayal and try and justify my position. Instead, I expect he's going to dismiss that and then talk about fatherhood, or try and regain a bit of ground. It'll be like the elephant in the living room: you can't discuss Ben Elton's massive boil of hypocrisy that needs to be lanced."
Posted by Jonah at 3:49 PM