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June 21, 2005

Any wonder

Oh, looky here: Jonathan Aitken (last seen pondering a UKIP candidacy if I recall correctly) is bemoaning the lack of literacy amongst the British prison population. Apparently fully a third of inmates are completely illiterate. Well, it's hardly suprising - at any moment they could get top-scoring celebrity cunt Jeffrey Archer as a cell mate and they could run the risk of accidentally picking up and reading one of his manuscripts.

The next third apprently have literacy skills below those of 11 year old schoolchildren, so if they end up accidentally picking up an Archer manuscript, perhaps they wouldn't mind editing it into a bit better shape? Now there's a community service worth communing a year or two off a sentence. However, perhaps it might constitute cruel and unusual punishment ...

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June 15, 2005


US criminal justice system lets off rich celebrity. Film at 11.

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