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April 26, 2005

New Livery

Shite, a blank front page - we can't have that!

Check it out: looks like the Labour Party has finally dropped the old socialist red and taken on a signature colour that more closely reflects Tony Blair's political leanings. Co-incidentally it's also the signature colour of the aristocracy of Imperial Rome.

Like many disaffected lefties I'm really wrestling over who to vote for this time. I find the idea of giving Tony Blair a mandate after the whole Iraq / ID Card / Internment / Control Order shenanigans of the past four years completely repugnant so I should really vote Lib Dem if I'm to go with the party that best reflects my views right now.

However, what if the scare stories about a vote for the Lib Dems letting the Tories back in turn out to be true? Imagine inadvertently giving Michael Howard a mandate after all that "send 'em back" BNP triangulation he's doing! Doesn't bear thinking about (and is probably the only thing shoring up the core Labour vote right now).

Well, looking at my new constituency, Colne Valley, it looks like the Lib Dems are a reasonably close third, so a swing from Labour to the Liberals doesn't necessarily mean a Tory win, so I think I'm going to go for the Lib Dems. Besides, our current MP, Kali Mountford is a right little Blairite apparatchik, or at least she's voted with the Governement on all of the bills I've hated. And she doesn't answer my faxes to her, so she can whistle for my vote.

Evil Robbie's thinking of making a decision based on the Evil Rating of each party's site. Looks like it's based on some kind of numberology crap there Rob. Who do you think you are, fucking Madonna? <grin>

That's all for now - coming up is a reccomendation for some excellent mix CDs.

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