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March 18, 2005

Ronnie Barker is alive

So, it seems that Ronnie Barker is very much alive and well. Why, then, was I certain that he'd died sometime in the early nineties? I could have sworn he pegged it, right down to remembering various retrospectives, tributes and excruciatingly regular repeats of Porridge on terrestrial television. Cresley and many of her cow-orkers were also certain that he was dead but no, there he is popping up on Comic Relief and tonight's BBC1 schedule.

What is he, some kind of fucking comedy revenant or something? Or is it something more sinister, an attempt to implement some kind of real-life reverse memory hole, an attempt to present as common knowledge the fact of Barker's vitality after his death was widely reported? After all, it's the big lies that work best.

Maybe it's final proof of the Matrix hypothesis and we'll soon see hundreds of Ronnie Barkers brawling with an obviously CGI Keanu Reeves in a playground somewhere.

Or - and stick with me here, I know it's a crazy idea - I could have misremembered.


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March 3, 2005

Conp et Sepohk

Who remembers Worker and Parasite, the eastern bloc cartoon replacement for Itchy and Scratchy when Krusty the Clown loses them to puppet arch-rival Gabbo in Krusty Gets Kancelled?

Well, check it out - here're some russian animations that look as if they could have been the inspiration for W&P.

Komestaya! Prakob Yakob!

Endut. Hoch Hech.

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