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New Look

October 11, 2005

I got tired of the dull old texty thing I've had going on on this web site for the last four or so years and so I thought I'd do a little redesign. Sort of a seventies sci-fi thing a bit heavy on the brahn and orange. I'm quite pleased with how the css "sliding doors" faux-parallax thing in the top bar turned out.

Credo! Fast-forward the future!

Posted by Jonah at October 11, 2005 9:21 PM


golly! looks great!

Posted by: eel, the at October 12, 2005 1:40 PM

Straight outta Blake's 7! Respect!

Posted by: Jan at October 12, 2005 3:12 PM

Mmm, 70s brown.

Posted by: blech at October 13, 2005 2:08 PM

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