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Local Bombers

July 13, 2005

Cripes. I wake up this morning to find out that the sick fucks who blew up the Tube and a bus last Thursday were from Leeds (and possibly Dewsbury) - within pissing distance of home. Then I get to work only to find it evacuated due to a bomb scare (now over - some maintenance contractor had left a suitcase unattended in a lift shaft).

This comes the day after I read a times article suggesting that Al-Qaeda are recruiting from British universities. I work for a university with a very large proportion of the student body drawn from the local Asian community, many of whom are Muslim and I find this absolutely amazing. Most of our students seem to be mostly interested in snogging each other at the bottom of the library building stairwell and sneaking in a crafty fag behind the air conditioning unit. Al-Q'd have little luck here!

One thing's for sure though: if the bombers were British citizens, there's no way a national ID card wuld have made the slightest bit of difference. Spending the money on police and intelligent operations, however, might have.

Posted by Jonah at July 13, 2005 11:51 AM


I'd say being on a BSc in Advanced Semtex Studies is a bit of a giveaway.

Posted by: Jan at July 15, 2005 12:26 PM

not attacking iraq and intefering in the politics of the middle east for the last couple of hundred years might have helped too.....

Posted by: the eel at July 22, 2005 10:26 AM

Posted by: the eel at July 22, 2005 5:27 PM

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