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November 30, 2004

Ham (and eggs)

Sam and I are putting together a masterclass ensemble cast of the hammiest actors ever to mug their way through a role on celluloid. The aim is to eventually develop a screenplay for the biggest guerning bombastathon in the history of cinema. The contender so far, in no particular order ...

  • Brian Blessed
  • Christopher Walken
  • Al Pacino
  • Robert DeNiro
  • Gary Oldman
  • Dennis Hopper
  • Richard E. Grant

There're plenty more to be named. C'mon! Suggestions please!

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Huddersfield Music Festival

Here we go - here's a Grauniad piece on the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. I can't add anything to it myself because I was in Manchester seeing Groove Armada who were absolutely excellent. It was fun having so many people bouncing up and down in the stalls of the Manchester Apollo that the blacony was bouncing with us (if a little unnerving, with hindsight).

The Guardian piece celebrates the unpretentious, egalitarian ethos of the festival:

The festival attracts an audience that is simultaneously local, national and international - a place of intersecting interests where performers, composers and audience members engage in debate and conversation. There's no VIP artists' area - it's everyone together in the chilly tent. And the great thing about a tent with pub grub is that no one could ever accuse it of being elitist or inaccessible.


It's time to fall in love again with the pure festival spirit of events such as Huddersfield - and pray that it never builds itself a chic bar.

That's one of the things I love about Huddersfield - you could never accuse the place of being pretentious, although I have noticed the worrying trend of Nathan Bars opening down Kirkgate called things like "The Urban Style Bar". Urban Style Bar? That place used to be acalled the Albert and was full of old blokes in flat hats with pouches of Old Holborn. It's odd to see it populated with asymmetrically-haired students and varied hipsters smoking the ubiquitous marly lights. Lucky there's not a big demand for that sort of thing here.

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November 29, 2004


Memepool brought my attention to the Flash Quilt Project. Just keep on zooming in for oodles of fractal-like detail ...

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November 25, 2004

T.W.A.T makes US unpopular!

Oh, this one just has to be a No Shit Sherlock Award: apparently The War Against Terror hasn't proved all that popular with Muslims!

The U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have created a shared anti-American cause among otherwise-divided Muslim extremists and raised the stature of the radicals in the eyes of ordinary Muslims, a Pentagon advisory panel says.
The report by the Defense Science Board concludes that the government must urgently change its approach to understanding and communicating with the Muslim world. It says U.S. public diplomacy is in crisis, and neither the White House nor Congress has done enough to fix it.

Tomorrow on MSNBC: Repeated headbutting of walls can lead to cranial discomfort!

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November 23, 2004

Hear hear!

The wonderful Scaryduck writes on democracy at his overflow site:

You know, in the stone age United Kingdom, we still vote by turning up at some damp church hall and draw a cross on a piece of paper with a pencil. The pencil is tied to the voting booth with a piece of hairy string so you can't steal it, which is about as deep as voter fraud gets around here.
Then, when the polls close, people sit at a long line of tables and count the votes by hand in front of auditors.
Funnily enough, this primitive system seems to work.
We may have shonky teeth and sip tea, but we laugh at your voting machines.
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November 11, 2004

You're gay, you are

Ah, it's that time of year again when the Grauniad do their annual Littlejohn homosexual reference audit:

In the past year's Sun columns, Richard has referred 42 times to gays, 16 times to lesbians, 15 to homosexuals, eight to bisexuals, twice to "homophobia" and six to being "homophobic" (note his scornful inverted commas), five times to cottaging, four to "gay sex in public toilets", three to poofs, twice to lesbianism, and once each to buggery, dykery, and poovery. This amounts to 104 references in 90-odd columns - an impressive increase on his 2003 total of 82 mentions.

C'mon Diary, there's no need to ram it down his throat again and again, over and over ...

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November 10, 2004


I've started a dreamlog. Not sure whether I'll keep it up or remember enough of my dreams to update it regularly, but I've been meaning to do this for a while now.

At the time of writing I've yet to put it in anything but a bog-standard default MT template. I'll get round to changing it at some point this week though, I expect.

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November 4, 2004

#perl dalek frenzy

For anyone else looking for some distracting mindless yuks, I found this pretty funny. Could be a geek thing though ...

via the spool.

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Dark, dark days

Cripes, what a bummer. In the space of one day Bush gets re-elected, I disccover that the GTA series has started incorporating fucking bemani elements (gawd I hate that shit) and then I start getting referrer-log-spam, a phenomenon of which I was previously blissfully unaware. My logs are clogged with urls for cheap credit, free pr0n and discount meds. GODFUCKINGDAMMIT! It is the end times. "BOB" save us all!

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November 3, 2004

Roll on 2008

Well, here we go. Bush has done it despite his complete incompetence. I'm not going to watch his acceptance speech, there's only so much smug smirking I can take. I think Dave Cross has it right when he compares last night to the 1992 UK general election. Man, what a disappointment.

You know what the worst thing about this is? I like America and the American people and we're going to witness the end of America as a superpower over the next four years as Bush runs her into the ground and into economic meltdown. You just mark my words.

Right, I'm off to immerse myself in GTA: San Andreas and a case of beer whilst those of you on the right get on with your crowing.

Ahh, fuckit.

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November 2, 2004

What barry said

Hey, I just ran across this on memepool and I thought it was rather well executed and I thought I'd share it with those of you who don't spend hours a day trawling for things like this.

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