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July 15, 2004


Crikey - I just realised that I've been doing this for just over a year now! Lawks.

In other news I'm having to hide the juarez behind a password now. So many people are snaffling them that I had to pay out an extra 150 dollars in bandwidth charges this month. Luckily the current exchange rate means that this amounts to about 50p and a couple of old back issues of Private Eye. Still, I'd better cover my arse in case the greenback stages a recovery (say maybe sometime in december this year).

I'm Matthew Jones, and I approved this message.

Posted by Jonah at 3:50 PM

July 12, 2004

Quest for the Rest

Hat tipped to Evil Robbie for pointing out that the perpetrator of Samorost has been at it again.

UPDATE: I've actually put the URL in the fucking link now. Muppet.

Posted by Jonah at 3:10 PM

Caption competition

This photo went up on scribot with the legend "caption competition". Good idea!

"E'y'are mate, are you going to finish that butty?"

"Eyyyyyy!" (in the style of the Fonz)

"Bear with me, this is the first time I've conducted an orchestra ..."

"Gordon's ALIVE?!?!"

"I'm squashing your head! I'm squashing your head!"

Surely someone can do better than the above mediocre efforts?

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