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Ill-conceived movie pitches

August 21, 2004

  1. Look Who's Talking, For Fuck's Sake
    Continuing the popular talking baby/pet movie series, Look Whos' Talking, For Fuck's Sake is a romantic comedy featuring two people who dislike each other at first but who are brought together in love by their wisecracking intestinal parasites (voiced by Adam Sandler and Demi Moore).
  2. Reservoir Cats
    Reservoir Dogs, done as a musical on rollerskates. Starring Christopher Biggins as Mr. White, Gary Wilmot as Mr. Blonde and a CGI George Formby as Mr. Pink (signature ukelele song: "When I'm Stealing Diamonds").
  3. School of Glam Rock
    An out-of-favour rock'n'roll star takes a job as a school music teacher to make ends meet. He starts a band with members of his class and his unconventional maverick teaching methods soon have a startling effect on his pupils. Starring Gary Glitter.
  4. Usability Jox
    In the future, usability testing has been banned and all interface design disputes are solved by battles between giant armed robots. World Champion Jakob and his massive grey steel Cube-Bot remain undefeated after nearly twenty years - it's up to maverick newcomer Steve and Flashdroid to free the usability world from their iron grip. Starring David Crobsy as Jakob Neilsen.
  5. Police Academy 8: Operation Dead Horse
    Oh, for the love of sweet baby jesus ...

Posted by Jonah at August 21, 2004 10:38 AM