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A-Team Innocent!

August 11, 2004

After what seems like several months of sub-par work, the Onion has come through once more: U.S. Military Clears A-Team of Charges.

Baracus said that he has big plans for his settlement.
"For the last 30 years I've been a soldier of fortune," Baracus said. "Now, I'm going to take the money and do something for the kids. I'm gonna start a gym. A gym for the kids. For a long time, that's been my dream. But I couldn't open one with [Gen. Hunt] Stockwell on our tail. He'd use a tank to send shells through the side of it."
Added Baracus: "I pity the fool that tries to blow up my gymnasium now!"

Posted by Jonah at August 11, 2004 11:07 AM