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Dope is for the dopeys

January 14, 2004

Well, here's a gobsmacking revelation: smoking dope all day makes you lethargic and gives you the munchies.

"I woke up, had a coffee and smoked around three-quarters of a spliff. I go for a half-hour's run every morning so I got my kit on and went out of the door, despite feeling that I couldn't be bothered.
By now I was hungry so I cooked a breakfast of beans and fried eggs. I was feeling pretty mellow and managed to stir the beans but couldn't focus on the eggs.
The result was a mess of broken egg. I was so ravenous that I poured it over the beans and ate it quickly. The rule in our flat is we wash up after each meal but I conveniently forgot this and just dumped the saucepan and plate by the sink, which annoyed Katie, one of my flatmates.

It's good that someone is finally doing this kind of ground-breaking research.

On a side note, three-quarters of a spliff? Fucking lightweight.

Posted by Jonah at January 14, 2004 10:21 AM