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Torture by proxy

November 11, 2003

Read this.

Is it becoming US policy to deport terror suspects against whom they have zero concrete evidence to countries which use torture in order to extract confessions? Note also the recent decision of a special immigration appeals committee to allow evidence extracted "under duress" as admissable in UK courts and the admission by MI5 that they would use such evidence.

If you take the brutal and soulless logics of the "war on terror" and globalisation to their conclusion, this is what you get: the outsourcing of terror investigation to regimes which use torture to extract confessions and information whether they are true or not. I expect Tony Blair would say that these countries have "more flexible interrogation markets".

This acceptance of evidence obtained via torture does not sit well with this plea from Tony Blair:

"protest if you will. That is your democratic right. Attack the decision to go to war, though have the integrity to realise that without it, those Iraqis now tasting freedom would still be under the lash of Saddam, his sons and their henchmen."

If you're going to justify your wars on humanitarian grounds then you must fight them with exclusively humanitarian means.

Posted by Jonah at November 11, 2003 12:48 PM


This is old hat! They deport 'em, you see, and then they make them work in BT call centres until the mantra of the call centre script dazes them into giving up their secrets. Why, only the other day I learned the locations of all the Shia terrorist cells in Walthamstow while trying to change my 'friends and family' numbers.

Posted by: Jan at November 11, 2003 9:02 PM

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