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Bickering with right-wingers

October 29, 2003

Today I a' have been mostly debating with some pro-war right-wing Americans:

You'll have to scroll down a bit. Some of them are quite reasonable and persuasive, but most of them seem to just be making Nazi comparisons (have they never heard of Godwin's Law?) and one of them said this:

The chief goal of American foreign policy is protection of American lives and interests. In order to do so, we should support dictators if they are our dictators. When they turn against us, we should crush them.


UPDATE: He seems to have calmed down a bit now.

UPDATE 2: Ah, it seems that true to the form of the American right, I've now been told that if I don't agree then it's because I hate America. Laughable.

Posted by Jonah at October 29, 2003 3:52 PM


Jesus, is this how you get off these days? Right, I won't be left behind...I'm off to convert that nice man down the road at number 18 with the 'cut here' dotted line neck tattoo and tarmac grazes on his knuckles to the joys of flower arranging

Posted by: Jan at October 30, 2003 9:01 PM