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Health Kick Shocker

September 18, 2003

Well, who'd have thought it? For some reason I seem to have embarked on a health kick as part of my relentful drive towards self-improvement. I have actually given up smoking. I've not had a fag now since the 26th of August. I haven't mentioned it before now in case it turned out to be a flash in the pan like the last three times I've tried. to give up.

It was after that Tuesday's swimming session that I made the decision to give up smoking. I was just sick of the gunk coming out of my lungs and the 10-minute hacking fits every morning. It's all well and good trying to attain a basic level of fitness through something like swimming but it's no use if you're filling your lungs with catarrh every hour or so. I didn't just give up smoking, I decided to give up smoking.

That distinction is key for me. I didn't just think that I ought to give up smoking - I decided that I was no longer going to smoke. I think this could be the key to my failure the last few times: all of the time I still had a hankering to be a smoker as well as for the cigarettes themselves. This time however, I genuinely don't want to be a smoker, which makes the cravings a lot easier to deal with. Doesn't help with the shitty moods, though, as my very patient peer group will tell you (sorry folks).

On top of all this I've only gone and joined a gym! Yeah, I know, not me at all, according to conventional wisdom. I've committed to it for a year, which may seem overly optimistic to anyone who knows me, but I reckon it'll help with motivation.

I've sworn to go at least once a week, and managed it so far. It's made a little easier by the fact that it's within two minute's walk from my house, so it doesn't have a high barrier to me getting down there. I can scoot in just after work and get sweaty for an hour. I've worked myself out a reasonable program which leaves me knackered and with slightly trembling muscles, but without making me painfully stiff the next day.

Oddly, I've been getting into running on the treadmills, something I've always mocked before due to the fact that you can run on the roads if you want. I think it's because the machine regulates the speed and duration or your run for you, and I'm pants at both of those. Running's the hardest thing I do there: I'm not at all used to cardio-vascular exercise!

Hopefully, I should be less of a wreck this time next year. Fingers crossed.

Posted by Jonah at September 18, 2003 11:52 AM