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US imposes travel restrictions on dissidents

August 4, 2003

"US anti-war activists hit by secret airport ban"

According to this article in the Independent, the Transportation Security Administration of the US is keeping a list of anti-war activists and other dissidents. People on the list are sinngled out for "special treatment" when trying to board a 'plane.

It is impossible to know for sure who might be on the list, or why. The ACLU says a list kept by security personnel at Oakland airport ran to 88 pages. More than 300 people have been subject to special questioning at San Francisco airport, and another 24 at Oakland, according to police records. In no case does it appear that a wanted criminal was apprehended.

It worries me that America is gradually becoming a fundamentalist police state. I hope the American public wake up soon.

Posted by Jonah at August 4, 2003 3:19 PM