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Sunstroke in That London

August 12, 2003

So, I've just come back from a weekend jaunt to That London, visiting the usual gang and wishing Celia a last goodbye before she scoots off to the San Francisco and Monterey. Cheerio mate! Good luck with the jobhunting and all that!

Really good to see my That mates again. Muttley's on form as always, and Paul has proved himself to be a bit of a dark horse! Kept that a bit quiet, although I can see why, given the circumstances ... nuff said.

I also met the unconventional Daynal in a pub near the Tate Modern. She seemed to think I'm mean to her in public and pleasant privately, which I didn't reckon was true. I'm nice to everyone all the time: I'm too much of a wuss not to be.

Hung out with the Doomlord and his brother's nascent family on Saturday night. Jacob's well cute but was all tearful because of the heatwave. Poor little mite. The Doomlord answered the door with a shaved head and nothing on but a pair of lycra shorts. It was disturbingly like being greeted by a giant baby. (shudder)

Hooked up with Ceels in Regent's Park for Fruitstock. Foolishly, I'd had a couple of pints before I set off and by the time I'd slogged it from Seven Sisters through the tube and across Regent's Park I was well dehydrated and had the onset of sunstroke. Luckily, Celia's used to dealing with clueless sunstruck poms, so she sorted me out with water and shade.

There was a photographic exhibition on in the park at the same time, title M.I.L.K. (moments of intimacy, love and kinship). One exhibit really knocked me for six. It was a picture of a premature baby holding his mother's finger. The resemblance to Nye was very close and I nearly broke down right there and then. I'm supposed to be past that stage now. Sheesh.

Anyway, darn good weekend, apart from the fact that I was constantly drenched in sweat. I wish I'd brought double the amount of t-shirts!

Posted by Jonah at August 12, 2003 10:23 AM