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Thoughts on shaving

July 21, 2003

Shaving is a pain in the arse, as any fule kno. This really hit with me on this morning when I woke up after a lock-in at the [censored to protect pub] with Goodwin and Annie until 3 am. (You know, this journal appears to be becoming a chronicle of my descent into alcoholism). Trying to shave with bad DTs when you're late for work anyway really highlights how difficult it can get. I found myself wishing that I could just wax my chin quickly and get it over with.

Why aren't there chinwaxing strips? Is it because waxing is perceived as an entirely feminine activity? Surely the cosmetics industry can do better than that, after all, they've made a fairly good fist of getting blokes to use "male grooming" products such as moisturiser. Getting blokes to use their unnecessary products been the cosmetic industry's main aim for a while now so I'm suprised that they haven't started pushing alternative depilatory options to men yet.

Think about it. Waxing has the advantage of speed but the disadvantage of discomfort. That disadvantage could be turned to an advantage simply by spinning it as the macho thing to do. Razor ads are already full of fighter planes and cars and other signifiers of toughness and speed. Just cut from a close up of the strip peeling off the chin to a close up of a tyre as it rolls away from the camera and "BOB"'s your uncle. Gawd, this marketing thing is a piece of piss, any monkey can do it.

When I was positing this on (void), Ian Malpass wondered why men don't use depilatory cream on their faces. My guess is that the skin's probably too sensitive but it might be worth trying it on a beardy friend if they fall asleep at a party. If it causes permanent disfiguration it's okay because it's not you!

Alternatively, if you want to stick with razors, this feller has a good point:

Posted by Jonah at July 21, 2003 2:28 PM