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NTK and the Sunday Sport in the same weekend

July 9, 2003

Well, the hits are finally dying down on the C.C.D.B. as the meme finally runs its course and peters out. It's still getting new referrers but the hitcount's down to the tens of thousands per day rather than the quarter-million it was getting at its peak just before NTK featured it.

But screw NTK, it appears that the trumps game got a full-page "article" in a far more esteemed and wider-read journalistic outlet. Well, the Sunday Sport, anyway. My chum Hulbert has a copy which I'll scan and post when he gets round to passing it on to me but I've seen a fax.

It's quite a funny piece from my point of view: they mocked up their own deck of cards, dropped two categories (hypocrisy and apalling acts) and changed the name to "Top Cunts" to cover their arses. They also quoted a snippet of the site introduction, claiming it was a "website spokesman" but didn't even print a URL. Somehow I'd expected better journalistic standards from so esteemed an, umm, organ as the Sunday Sport. I dread to think how slow the "news" must have been that day.

Posted by Jonah at July 9, 2003 12:34 PM