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An undeserved break

July 17, 2003

Jesus W Christ, I had a very strange day yesterday. I can't go into too much detail because it's be unfair to the other people involved, but basically someone I know had what I can only describe as a psychotic episode, nearly killed his partner and smashed up their house. Absolute fucking nightmare. Thing is, the person who did this is normally as laid-back and mellow as you could want a person to be. It's like Cres said: maybe there's something to be said for having a good shout and vent once in a while.

It's absolutely gutting for the partner; one minute she's chatting away to him perfectly normally, making a cup of tea and the next his eyes have glazed over, he's quoting huge chunks of the bible, punching through windows and throttling her. He didn't know his name, her name, where he was or what he was doing. And this is with her kids in the house, listening terrified in their room.

After he'd choked her until she passed out, he went on to dive through the back window and punched his way through the back garden fence and then ran round to the front and kicked down the front door. By this point the house is spattered with blood from his lacerated hands and generously coated in tiny bits of broken glass.

When she came to, she realised that this was an emergency services job and called an ambulance. The ambulance crew took one look at him and called the police. It took four coppers to get him out in the end, all the while he was laughing maniacally and spouting religious quotations.

I know she's really hurting and confused about this; she loves her feller and is clear she feels that it wasn't him behind those eyes but that doesn't mean she can necessarily trust him again. How on earth do you get a relationship past this sort of thing? You may love someone and know that they'd never intentionally hurt you, but how can you feel safe with someone if they can flip from caring partner to strangling you whilst laughing hysterically?

My heart goes out to both of them. He's very ill and gawd knows what he'll feel like when he becomes lucid enough to understand what he's done. She's just had what I imagine is the most traumatic experience of her life, where someone she loved and trusted has just turned on her in the most horrific way imaginable.

Life can be really shite sometimes and there's only one consolation. Remember folks, it's just a ride.

Posted by Jonah at July 17, 2003 3:53 PM