December 12, 2004

Rumsfeld's office

Last night I dreamt that I pissed in Donald Rumsfeld's waste-paper bin. That's right.

Earlier on in the dream, Iwas trying to tell Rumsfeld something, or take him to task, but he just sat in his booth at a restaraunt and completely blanked me, wearing that infuriating, serene "I can't be held accountable for anything" half-smile of his. I can't recall what I was trying to tell him or whether or not I worked for hium, but I do recall that I decided to perpetrate a dirty protest of his ignorance by going to his office and pissing in the waste paper bin.

I was just letting rip when it occurred to me that since this was Rumsfeld's office, it was probably heavily monitored by CCTV and that I would get caught. I'm proud to say that after a moment's hesitation I went ahead and pissed in his bin anyway. That's all I can remember of this one.

And before you ask, no I didn't wake up to find I'd pissed the bed!

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