November 10, 2004

Record Shop Fortress

Last night's was a fairly derivative Zombie dream, with obvious overtones of both Dawn and Shaun of the Dead.

The Usual suspects and I were living in a Class 3 or 4 (looked more like a Class 4) Zombie Outbreak. There was much running around and hiding which I remember today only vaguely, but the bit I recall clearly is when we holed up in a large record shop that was part of a shopping centre.

The record shop had a set of decks and a PA system, so without thinking of the consequences, Will, Sam and I started to put records on and fart about like we do some Friday nights. Of course, the loud music attracted the hordes of undead, a fact we didn't notice until Sam put Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" on.

We eventually jury-rigged a solution when I sneaked out across the rooftops to put a set of speakers a good way away from the record shop. Whenever we wanted to get in or out or sneak past the zombies we would then pipe music to the remote speakers and the undead all shambled off to investigate. We were just working on a hidden entrance based on a lift with a hidden button panel when I woke up.

Posted by Jonah at November 10, 2004 12:04 PM
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