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Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson picture.

Smugness: 6
Primadonna: 5
Undue Adulation: 7
Offensive Opinions: 10
Hypocrisy: 1
Apalling Acts: 7

Overall Score: 36
Celebrity Cunt Rating: A Complete Cunt


What is it about old-school comedians that makes so many of them complete cunts? Perhaps it's because they're used to getting a laugh from racial slurs, like Bernard Manning, and, less obviously, this cunt, two-fisted cockney TV twat Jim "Nick Nick" Davidson. Jim made the cunning move of not being as overtly vocal as Manning about the fact that he's a racist, but he's been known to use such humour.

Currently employed as a presenter for "Big Break", "The Generation Game" and an ad for a loan firm that specialises in giving loans to the credit-check-challenged. Jim has also been known to threaten member of the public with violence at very little notice, and there have been several rumours about his shady past. However, because he's an established "family" entertainer and jovial cockney rough diamond, Jim gets to shrug them off with a grin and a gag. Tory fundraising cunt.

Update: Jim recently walked out on a gig because the front row was full of wheelchair-users. According to the theatre owners, "Mr Davidson cited the fact that a proportion of his act was aimed at disabled customers and that he would be unable to perform under these circumstances." Pathetic. If you're going to use cripple gags as one of the mainstays of your act, then at least have the conviction to perform them in front of the disabled! It wouldn't bother Jerry Sadowitz ...

Update: According to the Metro, the day after walking out on the disabled, Davidson told a "joke" that ran "If you women liked to shag a little fucking more, there wouldn't be any rape cases"! I bet the conservative party are delighted to have him on board.


conservative / temper / club in Great Yarmouth / bigot / racist